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Abonnere på vårt nyhetsbrev?

Sindre Steig

I will take you on a journey that you would never believe. As far into the Sognefjord as you come and 9 minutes of tea, you will find me there.
Hi, I grew up in a small village called Fortun in the parish and the fjords. With few people around me, I grew up with my closest relatives, family and the friends who were nearby. A quiet and calm childhood led to the fact that when I was 10 years old I got my first guitar from my parents, thank you very much mum and dad. I sat down in the room and there the journey began...
15 years have passed. Now I have traveled to a place I never thought I could travel to. At Skullerud, Oslo east, I now sit with the music that I love. My first year in Oslo was completely indescribable. It was a journey that I will never forget. The start of my new life!
Etc. Sindre Steig


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