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Studio / Preprod

Regular price 4.990,00 kr


The room, with a size of 10x20 meters, has a stage width of 8 meters and a depth of 8 meters (6 meters from the PA area). With easy load-in and access via the drive gate at entrance A4, practical logistics solutions for events are offered. Free parking.

In addition, the venue has a lounge area with a coffee machine. Overall, these facilities provide a versatile space suitable for various tasks, from pre-prod to photoshoot, with a focus on both functionality.


  • some XLR cabling

  • Various microphones

  • some power cables with shuko.

LIGHT (in briefs):

  • 6 pcs Cameo TS 40 front

  • 6 pcs Cameo Flatpar pro 12

  • Cameo Qspot 40


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